We made a simple lip balm last night using beeswax from our friends over at Oleo Acres! That gorgeous, rich yellow color comes from the natural color of the beeswax.

Our simple recipe is an adaptation from the Dreaming Earth Botanicals blog. It couldn’t be easier:

You’ll need:

1 cup of olive oil
1 1/2 oz of beeswax
5 – 15 drops of essential oil of choice (we used 12 drops lavender; peppermint is also particularly nice)
funnel (optional)

Heat a cup of olive oil on low heat on the stove until hot to the touch. Cut beeswax into small chunks (less than 1/2 inch) and drop into oil. Turn off the burner and stir until the beeswax dissolves into the warm oil. Allow to cool for about five minutes. While still liquid, thoroughly stir in at least five drops of essential oil. Dip in a finger, allow the mixture to harden, and test for smell and consistency. If you want a stronger scent, add two or three more drops and repeat your test. Don’t over-do the oil — too much essential oil can be irritating to lips instead of soothing, and too strong a smell can turn a pleasant sensory experience into an aversion.

Allow to cool for another minute. Stir to ensure even mixture. While still liquid, pour into containers of choice — we prefer small, clear glass tubs. A funnel makes the pouring process cleaner, but isn’t strictly necessary.

Let the mixture cool overnight to room temperature before screwing lids onto your containers.

This easy recipe can be adapted by adding honey, jojoba oil, a vitamin E capsule, or any number of other skin-softening agents. The best thing about lip balm is that it’s a very easy recipe to “fix” — if the consistency comes out incorrectly or you’re unhappy with the flavor/smell, just use a knife to scrape the balm from the containers into a pot, heat on low heat, and adjust your recipe as desired. Wash your containers in hot, soapy water to melt away any remaining balm, allow them to dry thoroughly, cool them to room temperature, and refill with your new mixture.

The sky’s the limit. Enjoy!

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