Oak Hill was established in 1832 by Jack and Betty Smith Taylor. The Taylors located their dwelling near a large spring which supplied water for the entire plantation until the early 1900s, when the first successful well was completed. The farm’s first crops and products included corn, cotton, cattle, swine and horses.

Of the founders’ three children, Lucy Taylor Maclin acquired about 1,000 acres of the family landholdings in 1847. Lucy and her husband Dr. James B. Maclin transformed the farm into one of the region’s largest antebellum plantations, one that totaled 3,500 acres. The farm is still owned and operated by the Maclin family, now in the seventh generation at Oak Hill.

We focus on sustainable growing and the maintenance of biodiversity–through heritage breeds of livestock, heirloom vegetable varieties, and agro-ecology practices.

We are also a Tennessee Century Farm; see our page at the Tennessee Century Farm web site! As of 2013, Oak Hill Farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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