New Piglets!

We had two new litters of pigs born yesterday! Angelina Jowlie (see video, below) had a litter of 10; Kim Lardashian (not in the video) had a litter of 7.

This is the second time that our piglet births have been synchronized, and mothers and babies all seem healthy and happy. We’ve been feeding our hogs with the spent mash from the distillery of Pyramid Vodka,  so we have plenty of food rolling in even though the weather is getting cold. Usually we try to time new litters to arrive with the warm weather of Spring, but like Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park says: “life finds a way.” In this case, “the way” was through a weak spot in the fence separating the boar and the sows.

We have hog shares available for sale, and we will also be selling piglets once they reach weaning age in 6-8 weeks. Contact us for more details!

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