Spring 2013 CSA

Starting on February 1, we’ll be accepting 20 shareholders for our spring CSA. Once a week for six weeks, you’ll receive a 1/2 bushel box full of fresh produce from the farm. In at least three of those boxes, you’ll also get a surprise free gift from us —  farm-fresh eggs, a hand-crocheted vegetable bag, or a jar of jelly, for example.

Price and Workshares

This is our second year, and we are still offering a low rate: $144 for six weeks. That’s $24 per week — less than most other CSAs in the area.

If that seems too high in these tough economic times, we have another option: you can volunteer for two, 4-hour shifts on the farm (weeding, planting, helping with farm projects, weeding, etc.) and reduce your share price to $105. That’s a $39 discount, and you get to spend time in the fresh air and REALLY see where your food comes from.

For a bigger commitment, we also have two full workshares (free veggies all season!) available.

Click through for more information on workshares.

We are excited about the coming growing season–and hope you are, too!



  1. Hello! I am interested is a CSA share, but was wondering where are the boxes delivered, and when. Also, I was wondering if you have half boxes? I am a little intimidated by the quantity of veggies I might receive and don’t want to create waste.

    Thank you,

  2. I just signed up and I am excited. I signed up for the workshare so I can not only help, but learn something!!! I used to have the blackest of thumbs =)

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