Spring CSA Week 4: beets me!

Two years ago, we were covered up in beets. CSA members complained–too many beets! This year, we planted and replanted and the beets are just now coming in. This is a great example of how crops can vary from year to year, depending on the climate and other factors. Never fear, though! ¬†Thursday boxes contain at least one (large) or a few (small) golden beets–the finest, most beettastic root veggie that I can think of.

This weeks box contains:

  • Golden beets! The greens are delicious (the greens are, essentially, Swiss chard) and the root is great raw or–better yet–roasted. Wrap the whole root in foil and bake it like a potato. The skin will slide off and you will be left with sweet, beety, deliciousness.
  • Onions
  • Turnips: we actually plant two varieties of turnips. “Purple top” makes a beautiful white and purple root, and “seven top” makes a somewhat homely roost but beautiful greens. This week you get both, in two bunches.
  • Radishes: Check out this recipe for pan-seared radishes and radish greens (among others).
  • Butter lettuce (the green one)
  • Red leaf curly lettuce (the curly red one)
  • Lemon balm: this is in the mint family and has a strong lemon scent. It is wonderful in a salad dressing, on a salad, or cooked (like in this lemon balm cheescake).
  • Daylily flowers: yes! you can eat both the flowers and the buds. Try them fried, with eggs, or just on a salad.

If the picture above looks slightly dark and blurry: the power went out due to the storm as we were boxing veggies and this picture was taken indoors using a cell phone camera…

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