Spring CSA?

(Updated January 2018) Where is the Spring CSA?

This year has been incredibly busy with off-farm work. Add that to things happening ON the farm, and we have just got too many irons in the fire to run a CSA this spring. We may still make a few Farmers’ Markets and have some things available for sale at the farm.

If you want a CSA, we suggest looking into the farm shares at Oleo Acres or, if they are booked, any of the other CSAs around the area. We’ll be back!


CSA Text from 2016, FYI:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for Memphis and surrounding areas, read on for details on our spring CSA. Local, fresh vegetables, sustainably grown, picked fresh weekly!

Sign up now for the Spring CSA 2016! First CSA pickup is April 30!

4/29/16: Added more workshares!

Key Info:

  • Start date: April 30.
  • Length: 7 weeks
  • You get: 1/2 bushel of fresh, local, sustainable produce every week. 1/2 bushel may be enough for a vegetarian who likes seasonal food, or a couple who loves veggies, or a family of four who likes to try new things. Depending on how much people eat, of course.
  • You will also receive two reusable shopping bags–return an empty each week and we will refill it. Forget to return your bag, or lose it, and we will have replacements available for $5 each.
  • Full price: $168 (or $120 if you volunteer for 2, 4-hour shifts on the farm)
    $168 works out to $24 per week.
  • EBT/SNAP payments: we are working on details–stay tuned.
  • Pick-up location: To be determined in the next two weeks! (Likely the Cooper-Young Farmers Market in Memphis)
  • How do I sign up? Click here and fill out the form to pay online using debit/credit/PayPal.

What’s a CSA?

Spring CSA Veggie Sample: Clockwise from top: mixed beets, kohlrabi, garlic, onions, Japanese minowase daikon, Tom Thumb lettuce, mixed kale and broccoli greens.

Clockwise from top: mixed beets, kohlrabi, garlic, onions, Japanese minowase daikon, Tom Thumb lettuce, mixed kale and broccoli greens.

“CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” In the CSA model, individuals or families buy “shares” of the farmer’s crop for the season. Shareholders pay up front, giving the farmer the funds to pay for seeds and labor. In return, shareholders get a share of the seasonal fresh-picked produce on a weekly basis.

Price and Workshares

This is our fifth year, and we are still offering a low rate: $168 for seven weeks. That’s $24 per week for a 1/2 bushel of produce.

If that still seems too high for fresh, local vegetables, we have another option: you can volunteer for two, 4-hour shifts on the farm (weeding, planting, helping with farm projects, weeding, etc.) and reduce your share price to $120. That’s a $48 discount, and you get to spend time in the fresh air and REALLY see where your food comes from.

Click through for more information on workshares.

What You Get When You Sign Up

We plan to offer these veggies in the first seven weeks as they come into season:

  • Cucumbers
  • Cabbage
  • Squash
  • Lettuce
  • Turnips
  • Kale
  • Collards
  • Radishes
  • Beets
  • Onions
  • Kohlrabi
  • Herbs
  • Garlic
  • Assorted greens


Once the CSA is up and running, you can check our blog and our FaceBook page for updates, pictures and news. We will post the CSA contents on the blog every week, based on what is fresh and ready to harvest. We’ll also include recipes and fun facts.

Risk and Reward in Community Supported Agriculture

When you buy a share of a CSA, you’re buying more than produce — you’re “sharing” in the fortunes of the farm. We can’t prevent a drought or roaming deer. We can’t guarantee that we’ll have a bumper crop of all your favorite veggies. We can guarantee that we’ll work hard every day. Here’s what else we can guarantee:

  • You’ll know what we do, when we do it, and why. We’ll post weekly blog entries and Facebook messages to keep you in the loop on our crops and farm life in general.
  • We won’t start Week 1 of the CSA until we have crops ready to harvest. That means the Spring CSA will start sometime in mid-April, depending on the weather. That means you’ll get the most out of your money.
  • Your veggies will be sustainably and locally grown. We use ecologically-friendly growing methods. We seek out heirloom and organic seeds, and once they’re in our hands they are never subjected to chemical treatments or sprays.

Sign up now for the Spring CSA! Spots are limited!

Spring CSA Signup

Pay online using credit/debit/PayPal

(Note: Completing the form will take you off our website. All payments are processed by PayPal: you don’t have to use a PayPal account–you can pay with credit/debit or PayPal.)

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