Farm to Office

Want a Greener Office?

Our 2014 Farm-to-Office (FTO) Initiative aims to bring healthy, local, sustainably grown food to Memphis area offices. This year, we’ll offer a pilot program for one or two office locations. Want to help us field-test this new service? Email us at!

The Problem: Never Enough Time!

Each year, Oak Hill offers Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. We’re growing every year! We’ve experimented with our pick-up times and dates, but we’ve heard concerns from our customers: Working 9 to 5—or longer—makes it hard to find time to pick up a CSA box, no matter how convenient the location! And for those of you with families, getting out on a Saturday morning just isn’t at the top of your priority list. We have a little girl too, and we hear you.

Our goal is in the name: Community-Supported Agriculture. What good is our agriculture if it doesn’t fully support the needs of our community? If our customers can’t happily get to us without extra hassle and precious time spent away from families, we’re not doing our jobs. Enter:

The Solution: Farm-to-Office!

Let us bring your CSA share directly to you. Each week, we’ll deliver right to your workplace at a day and time that’s designated at the start of the session by the office. Set up in the hallway, the break room, or whatever best suits your unique setting. Take your fresh-picked veggies home at the end of the day for exactly the same price as our personal CSA shares.

The Details: Help Us Make It Happen.

This will be our first experiment with Farm-to-Office produce. We ask that a minimum of 10 people participate within an office.* That’s 10 shares, at a price of $144 each. Each share is good for 6 consecutive weeks of vegetable deliveries. We do two 6-week sessions each growing season—and if all goes swimmingly, we *may* offer a 3-week bonus share either in mid-summer or early fall. The Spring Session will begin in early- to mid-May and the Summer Session will start in July.

We do offer a reduced rate: a work-share for $105. If you choose this rate, you opt (as an individual, not an office) to volunteer for two 4-hour shifts on the farm during the CSA session. The work-share helps us keep our weeds under control and gives those of you who want to see the farm and get your hands dirty the chance to do so. We will work out billing with each office individually.**

*We suggest that each office might buy one or two shares less than you have interested individuals. Then if someone is sick, on vacation, or otherwise unable to make a pick-up day, you are not left with unclaimed vegetables sitting on somebody’s desk. We don’t require this, however. The logistics are up to the office as a unit, once we meet our 10-share minimum requirement.

**Want to discuss other ways to integrate the Oak Hill CSA into your office culture? How about integrating a CSA share into the employee rewards program, or adding a “Healthy Weight” initiative? Email us ( to help us customize a project that works for you!


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