Veggies for 2010

Here is a partial list of the veggies on tap for this year:

Arugula (Roquette)
Basil (Genovese)
Beans, bush ‘Magpie’
Beans, bush ‘Blue Lake’
Beets, gold ‘Yellow Intermediate Mangel’
Beets, red Bull’s Blood
Broccoli Calabrese
Broccoli raab (Sessantina Grossa)
Cabbage, Chinese ‘China Choy’
Carrots ‘Nectar’
Carrots ‘Sc. Keeper’
Celery ‘Red Stalk’
Corn, Broom
Corn, Pop ‘Dakota Black’
Corn, Sweet ‘Stowells’
Cucumbers ‘North Pickling’
Dill ‘Mammoth’
Gourds, Dipper
Gourds, Birdhouse
Leeks ‘King Richard’
Lettuce ‘Nevada’
Lettuce, Blackseed sim.
Muskmelon ‘Edens Gem’
Peas, Purple Hull
Peas, snap ‘Sugar Sprint’
Peppers, Hot Habanero
Peppers, Hot Jalapeno
Peppers, Hot ‘Joe’s Long’
Peppers, Hot Ancho
Peppers, Sweet ‘Wonderbell’
Potatoes, blue ‘All Blue’
Potatoes, red ‘Red Sangre’
Pumpkins ‘Small Sugar’
Pumpkins ‘Howden’
Pumpkins ‘Jack-o-Lite’
Shallot ‘Ed’s Red’
Spinach ‘Viroflay’
Squash, summer ‘Bennings Green’
Squash, summer Bush Zucchini
Squash, summer Yellow Crookneck
Squash, winter Hopi Orange
Squash, winter Green Hubbard
Squash, winter Spaghetti
Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’
Tomatillos ‘De Milpa’
Tomatoes ‘Arkansas Traveller’
Tomatoes ‘Mortgage Lifter’
Tomatoes ‘Brandywine’
Tomatoes ‘Matt’s Cherry’
Tomatoes ‘Amish Paste’
Watermelon ‘S. Dakota’
Watermelon ‘Verona’

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