Week 6: Farmville

It takes a village to fill a box. With the strange weather this spring, we’ve had to replant some things and others are either gone or off schedule. Enter two other farms: Tim and Betty at Oleo Acres and Michael at the farm-formerly-known-as Cluck-N-Neigh.

Tim provided the sweet potato, basil, and oregano; their farm has frequent events and an active web presence (look for them on The FaceBook). Michael provided the June apples and the Mirabelle plums. Thanks, friends!

Week 6: 

Plums, apples, onions, beets, mixed kale and collards, sweet potato, basil, and oregano!

Since you have seen kale, onions, and beets I’ll focus on what is new this week:

  • Apples: These are semi-tart  and totally untreated with any pesticides or wax. We love them raw, but they are also amazing baked. If you are feeling crazy, bake them with brie.
  • Plums: Mirabelle plums are tiny and sweet (if you have a few that are firm and green/yellow, put them in a paper bag overnight. Eat them like candy, or try plum galette.
  • Sweet potato: Yes, you can bake this, roast it, boil it, as you please. IF you have a spiral veggie slicer, spiral apple peeler, endless patience with a knife, or a bored friend try this: turn the whole potato into one long noodle (or two or three if they break.) Drizzle with olive oil, add chopped oregano, salt and pepper, and grill.
  • Basil: It is all better with basil. If you have never thought of basil in dessert, now is your chance. Use it with anything chocolate, or try basil ice cream!
  • Oregano: You can plant this in damp sand or soil and possibly get rooted cuttings. Or, use it in your cooking–see sweet potatoes above. Don’t restrict this to italian food! Mexican, greek, indian–they all work with oregano. (Try it chopped over hummus!)

Thanks for being part of the spring CSA! We have exactly one small cucumber, with many more on the way–plus peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and more. Stay tuned for summer!



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