Soil Science 101

Saturday, February 23, 2013

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Registration: $40

Class Description:

Whether you are a new gardener or an experienced greenie, soil is the foundation of healthy plants. But, soil itself is often poorly understood and left as an afterthought. In this class we will look at soil from the ground down. You will learn about water availability, soil structure, nutrient retention, soil organisms and the science that makes soil more than just dirt. We will also discuss soil testing and organic soil amendments that you can use to make the most of what you have. The morning will be indoors, the afternoon will be hands-on. Wear comfortable outdoor clothing and shoes that can get dirty!

10am to noon: Basic soil science
noon to 1pm: Lunch (bring money to buy lunch at Bozo’s BBQ in Mason)
1pm to 3pm: Hands-on soils

Skills Being Taught:

Soil management, soil conservation, organic gardening, soil testing

Teacher Bio:

Ted Maclin is an anthropologist, ecologist, and botanist with over two decades of experience in environmental education, research, and activism. His interests include sustainability, agro-ecology, permaculture, and the interactions of culture and the environment. He worked at Brooklyn Botanic Garden for ten years, where he ran the Children’s Garden program and taught the soil science course for the Garden’s horticulture certificate program. His research work has focused on the ecology of endangered plant species in Tennessee and the cultural processes that drive international environmental policy. Most recently, he has conducted a three year ethnographic study of WWF’s Arctic conservation efforts. He is also the co-editor of the 2011 book The Slaw and the Slow Cooked: Culture and Barbecue in the Mid-South. He lives on his family’s Century Farm in Tipton Count y, Tennessee with his wife and daughter, where they operate a seasonal CSA (community supported agriculture) program.

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